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Home Additions Guide

A home addition is an affordable way to increase the size and value of your home. Living Construction can help you create a home addition that seamlessly blends into your existing home’s layout.

There are many functions for a new home addition that add both comfort and convenience to your home.

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  • Extra Bedroom – Create a space for guests to spend the night when they visit.
  • More Entertaining Space – Have you always wanted a space to have parties and social gatherings? An addition can give you the added space you need for entertaining.
  • Extra Bathroom – Is one bathroom no longer enough? Add a bathroom or indoor spa space to relax in comfort without a knock on the door.
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  • Sunroom – A sunroom allows you to enjoy the outdoors in all weather. We can build a year-round sunroom that gives you the best views while you relax or entertain.
  • Legal Apartment or Guest Suite – Do you want a space for renters or long-term guests? An addition allows you to create a self-contained space for guests or tenants.

We work closely with our clients to determine how their addition can best suit their lifestyle needs. We carefully determine the suitability of your home’s structure and existing design elements and design a plan that integrates your new space into your home. Your project manager will take care of all the necessary permits and building code requirements so you can focus on the design and creative elements of your new addition.

Types of Home Additions

Deciding on the right type of home addition comes down to several factors including the space of your lot. The size of your building space will determine whether you can build upwards or outwards.

The structural integrity of your existing home will also determine the type of home addition you choose. If you are considering building upwards, your project manager and structural engineers will first determine if your home has the necessary structure supported in place to accommodate a second storey.

So What Are Your Home Addition Options?

  • Bump out Addition – A bump-out addition is smaller than a traditional home addition. This type of addition is suitable for bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, or add a dining space to your kitchen.
  • Sunroom Home Addition – A sunroom allows you to enjoy the outdoors safe from the elements. A sunroom can be seasonal or all-season depending on your location and the type of heating/air conditioning you want to add.
  • Second Storey Addition – A second storey addition allows you to add a full room or more to your home by building upwards. These types of additions are usually added to bungalows, over garages, or on single storey portions of a home. A second story addition allows you to add additional living space without encroaching on your lawn or other exterior living space.

How Much Does a Home Extension Cost?

Home addition costs vary based on several factors including square footage, cost of materials, and the requirement for services such as electricity and plumbing.

The average home addition costs between $90 and $200 per square foot. Homeowners should expect to budget between $22,000 and $75,000.

Contact Living Construction to review your home addition plans and let us help increase the size and value of your home without having to move.


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