Witness serenity with custom decks in Gormley

Witness serenity with custom decks in Gormley

Your go-to option when it comes to custom decks in Gormley

Growth is always considered as a sign of progress. Be it growth at your professional front, or the personal one. This growth, or success, often translates into the growth of your personal belongings too. And not just in numbers, but also in their sizes. Progress results in bigger TVs at home, bigger phones in the pockets, and bigger plans when it comes to holidaying. One such aspect through which you can see someone’s growth nowadays is by looking at their houses. More often than not, you will find custom decks in Gormley belonging to houses that have seen a lot of success. If you have seen a lot of success recently, maybe it is time for you too to get custom decks in Gormley. And since we think that you deserve one, we are here to help you plan for the perfect one too.

custom backyard deck with luxury pergola for hot tub - deck landscape design Gormley

The first thing that you will need to decide after opting to get custom decks in Gormley is the design. There are a lot of options, but you don’t need to get overwhelmed by them. Simply keep in mind the reasons you need custom decks in Gormley and your choices would become obvious. Once we have that in mind, we need to select the basic design from the following options:

Gormley Platform-based Design custom deck in second floor - finished decks pictures
  1. Multilevel Design
  2. Freestanding Design
  3. Pool and Spa Design
  4. Platform-based Design
  5. Two-storeyed Design

So if you planning to build something extravagant custom decks in Gormley, opt for the multilevel design option. Likewise, if you are looking at some more secluded, opt for a freestanding design. Do keep in mind that these are just the broad design categories, and they all can be fine-tuned to better suit your needs.

custom backyard deck with railings and stairs - decking company

Once you have fixed the design style, comes the step where to need to pick the building material. Here the choice is made based on material characteristics such as ease of maintenance, and the look of the building material itself. The following are the most popular building materials:

Pressure-treated Lumber wooden deck in custom home - deck remodeling Gormley
  1. Composite
  2. Pressure-treated Lumber
  3. Cedar
  4. Pine
  5. Redwood

If you looking for easy-to-maintain custom decks in Gormley, composite decks would be your choice. If you need something that is the most popular choice, then you would be choosing the pressure-treated lumber.

custom deck Freestanding Design in backyard with landscaping - backyard patio decks Gormley

But if you need the authentic feel of real wood, and don’t really mind putting in that little extra effort towards maintenance, then the natural wood options are the best choice for you.

As said earlier, we are here to help you make all those decision. But there’s also something that we can do to ensure that you end up having custom decks in Gormley.

backyard patio deck with patio furniture - deck and porch builders Gormley

Did you know those having custom decks directly converts to a better valuation of the house in the market. Yes, you heard that right. So now you not only get to enjoy your success the way you want thanks to custom decks in Gormley, but also become more successful while doing it since it also appreciates the value of your house. Other benefits of custom decks include the fact that many people feel that the current house has something lacking. Maybe a reading room, an in-house office, or something else.

luxury home in Gormley with custom backyard deck - out door deck design

But custom decks allow you to add the missing thing to your house, ensuring that your house becomes the perfect one for you.

Talking about the benefits of custom decks, there is one specifically for the residents on Gormley. Since the plans for an international airport in the vicinity has already been approved, you custom deck can become the perfect place where you can lie down and enjoy some plane spotting.

backyard wood deck designs by living construction Gormley

Reports suggests that the landing planes can be as low as 500 metres from your house, and this is a view that only the lucky residents of Gormley can enjoy. We agree that the weather is not the greatest around the year to indulge in such activities, but there will be enough warm days for you to enjoy yourself.

We are assuming that you are now looking forward to getting custom decks in Gormley.

Living Construction finished project of cedar deck Gormley

And this is where Living Construction can take over from you. You can rely on us for an economical and punctual way of working, while you relax and see the house of your dreams come to life. And to ensure that you are completely stress-free, we will also ensure your property against damages during construction.

If you are sold on the idea of custom decks in Gormley, give Living Construction a call today on 416-824-4426 or 647-885-4112.