Second Story Addition

If you want to level up your lifestyle, you should actually add another level to your house. Make your house more spacious with second story addition. Adding another story to your house will not only give it more extravagant exterior but it will also make the interiors more expansive. At Living Construction, we put all our expertise to expand your house while keeping its style intact. Whether you want to use another story for more bedrooms or to turn it into your home office, Living Construction is the right choice for the job.

Why Invest in A Second Story?

luxury house with exterior black paint and house addition

There are many reasons why smart homeowners are expanding their houses and adding a second story. Our in-house experts suggest the following reasons why you should consider adding another story to your house:

sun room , wood pergola

Make Your House More Spacious

As your family grows or as your lifestyle changes, you need more space. While some people go for expanding their house on the ground level, we suggest going for a 2nd floor addition. This will not only help you get more space but will also secure the surroundings of your home so you don’t have to destroy the front yard or the backyard in the process of expansion. As the structure of family changes, many prefer having home offices or adding another level for renting or for recreation. Adding another story will help you get enough space for your changing living goals.

Custom house with a deck on second floor and backyard - pergolas on decks

Increase the Real Estate Value of Your Home

If you are considering reselling your property eventually, second story additions are a good investment. Most homeowners look for space and by making your house more spacious, you will be able increase the value of your house by a minimum of 50%. This will not only cover up your cost of renovation but will also bring you massive returns.

rear house addition and deck contraction -  Custom Decks,

Better Ventilated And Comfortable Interiors

Adding a second story not only helps with making your house more spacious but it also helps make your house more airy and comfortable to live in. You get more space for insulation and vents which helps maintain a better temperature in the house.

Why Us?

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Giving the project to Living Construction means you can now go stress-free. Following are the reasons why we are right for the job:

  • We are a family owned business in Toronto and offer supreme customer service that makes our customers happy.
  • Our work is performed by a team of experienced individuals who build things that last.
  • If you are considering home additions but are on a strict budget, don’t worry! We offer free consultation and reasonable pricing.


rear home addition backyard - deck designs
  1. How Much Does Second Story Addition Cost?

    On an average second story addition can cost between $25,000 to $80,000 depending on the design. But for the returns it provides, it is definitely a good investment.

  2. How Long Does It Take to Build a 2nd Floor?

    Including the interior and exterior construction, building a 2nd floor can take 3-5 months on an average.

If you have any other questions regarding second story additions, call us and our team will be happy to help you.