Renovation Afterthought

Renovation Afterthought

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Consider these tips before your next renovation begins, don’t let them be an afterthought.

Many customers have expressed what they wish they had thought of before their renovation had begun. We have posted these tips for you so that you may plan better.

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Sound Proofing

Your family, and especially children, need to sleep uninterrupted. To ensure they get a good night sleep, before you begin a renovation project in and around bedrooms, consider how their bedroom is set up, where the closets are or will be, and where the bed will be placed. Also consider the room next to the bedroom like a bathroom or a t.v. room.

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Certain simple changes can be made as to how a room is planned out that can make a world of difference concerning sleep and quiet.

A closet can be a good buffer between one room and another. Consider placing closets back to back in order to create an even bigger buffer.

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For instance, if you are taking a shower, a closet in the bathroom butting up against your child’s closet would be most ideal in creating enough distance so that your child or family member may not notice the noise.

Consider where the bed is placed. You also don’t want your child’s bed to be against the wall next to your bedroom where you may want to watch t.v. or where someone is getting ready early in the morning.

Be sure to plan for your child/family member’s bed to butt up against a wall where there is ordinarily quiet on the other side. Be sure to plan for your child/family member’s bed to butt up against a wall where there is ordinarily quiet on the other side. Extra insulation within the wall can also create a sound barrier.

Finding fault with Black Composite Sinks

If you are considering a sink that is not stainless steel, be sure to consider that a black composite sink may chip and that if your water is soft it will leave a film that stands out against black and is hard to clean.

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Unforeseen Surprises – Money, Money

You never know what problems you may run into during a renovation project. Once walls are knocked down and floors are dug up there can sometimes be unforeseen surprises that need fixing – rotted wood, rusted metal, water damage, faulty wiring, etc.. To avoid stress, especially in an old home, be sure to set aside extra money for your project, just in case.

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Electrical Outlet Mania

You can never have too many electrical outlets, especially in your living room and kitchen. They add such convenience during this modern era of electrical appliances, computers, iPods, and cell phones. We especially recommend placing electrical outlets on the island in your kitchen, if you have one, near where your t.v. is going to be placed, and on or around your desk.

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Construction Dust

While the results of a renovation project can be wonderful, the construction dust that can permeate the rest of your house can be quite irritating. Be sure to remove valuable objects from walls or displays so that you don’t have to clean what may be a hard-to-clean object.

Also seal off closets and pantries that contain clothes, linens, and food. This will alleviate work for yourself after the renovation is complete.

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Eating Out – Extra Expense

If you are having your kitchen renovated, consider the amount of money it will cost to eat out. The cost of eating in restaurants can add up, especially if your renovation is a lengthy one that lasts a month or more.

These are just some concerns that have been expressed through the years. You may want to consider these afterthoughts before your own renovation begins. We hope you found these tips helpful and wish you luck as you endeavor to renovate your own home.