How to choose decking

How to choose decking

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Cedar decking

The deep colored, red part of cedar is recommended by many professionals as the preferred wood chosen for decking because it does not readily absorb moisture. They give it 15 to 20 years lifespan, however, it is agreed that decks deteriorate faster when placed at ground levels. In order to retain the lovely color of cedar, one must clean and reseal it every couple of years. Keep in mind, cedar is soft in may show markings if heavy objects are pulled or pushed here and there upon the deck. Cedar decking is only moderately expensive.


Pressure-Treated Decking

We suggest you purchase “choice”, “premium”, or “select” boards. Even though more expensive, these boards are much more attractive and have less tendency to warp. Pressure-treated decks are stainable, sturdy, and cost less than cedar, however, they are nowhere near as attractive.

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Composite Decking

This decking is is made from recycled plastic, wood chips, or sawdust and is almost completely maintenance free. It is much more expensive, however, rest assured that it will not rot, splinter, or twist. This decking is defect-free and the only work required is that you spray it off with a hose every once in a while.