Enviable homes with custom decks in Unionville

Enviable homes with custom decks in Unionville

The safest way to get custom decks in Unionville

We live in the world of customization. Be it the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, or even the shoes we walk in. Everything now can be, and is, customized according to the owner’s needs. But have you wondered if the same customization can be done to one of the biggest part of your lives? Yes, we are talking about the house. And before you start wondering about the answer, let us tell you that you can. Thanks to custom decks in Unionville, you now have the option to build something extra in and around your house that is the perfect reflection of what you enjoying doing the most. From leisurely swims in the pools, to intense reading sessions in a reading room, or even the perfect place to hose the best parties, custom decks in Unionville allow you to have it all in your house.

Two-store custom decks with patio furniture - outdoor patio deck designs Unioville

Since a lot of people are now opting for custom decks in Unionville, we have put together a few important things to remember and consider while getting one for yourself. The first, and the most basic one, is to decide the kind of custom deck structure that you think will best suit your needs. When it comes to custom decks in Unionville, below are the design options available to you:

custom backyard deck with railings and stairs - decking company Unionville
  1. Freestanding custom decks
  2. Platform-based custom decks
  3. Two-storeyed custom decks
  4. Multilevel custom decks
  5. Pool custom decks

As the name suggests, they all need different amount of building space to be constructed beautifully. And also like the name suggests, they each are the best option for certain types of needs.

Multilevel custom walk out deck design  Unionville

For example, custom decks in Unionville are often seen in a multilevel design where the owners want something grander, and also something which can offer more than just one thing. Alternatively, freestanding decks are often built with a more focused strategy wherein you want the custom decks in Unionville to serve that one purpose.

Once the design is finalized, you will also need to figure out the material used for building your custom deck.

custom deck with pergola made from Pressure-treated Lumber - backyard deck designs Unionville

Custom decks in Unionville all have a different look and feel from each other thanks to the following options of building materials:

  1. Pine
  2. Cedar
  3. Redwood
  4. Composite
  5. Pressure-treated Lumber
finished project of luxury backyard deck - deck renovation ideas Unionville

In the recent years, pressure-treated lumber have become the most popular choice when building custom decks in Unionville. This is because the option finds the perfect balance between pricing, maintenance and the look it renders to the structure. If you still want something which is the easiest to maintain, you still have the option of choosing composite decks. And the woods options are for those who do not mind the extra care they need in exchange of the look that only real wood can give.

custom home with luxury backyard and amazing wooden deck - custom design builders Unionville

Once the structure and material is decided comes the part of how much you want to invest in building custom decks in Unionville. Here’s one thing that you need to remember. Do not treat custom decks as an expense. Because they happen to increase the value of your house in the market. When compared, houses with custom decks are often appraised at a higher market value as against the houses which do not have custom decks.

custom cedar deck in Unionville made by living construction

Other benefits also include the fact that opting for a custom deck can often eliminate the need to move in to a bigger house, because the custom deck will offer you the space required to convert it into what your current needs are.

Lastly, there is the point about the location. Custom decks in Unionville are more desirable thanks to the area itself. Often considered as a major tourist attraction, your custom decks in Unionville can only add more flavour and character to this already charming place.

outdoor wooden deck in the backyard - backyard wood decks by living construction

Because if people from all over the country are coming over to visit the place, it only makes sense to ensure that they get to see something very beautiful and inspiring.

If you have decided on getting custom decks in Unionville, there is just one thing in the middle of realizing your dream. It is to choose the perfect business that will ensure that your dream house turns out to be exactly how you wanted it to be, while still being completely on time and at affordable costs.

If you are still looking, look no further than Living Construction. We understand your needs and deliver on them in a way that will be better than you expected.

Custom decks in Unionville are waiting for you. Pick up your phone and give us a call at 416-824-4426 or 647-885-4112 to get started.