Dream homes with custom decks in Scarborough

Dream homes with custom decks in Scarborough

A guide to getting the best custom decks in Scarborough

When it comes to choices and preferences, there are two kinds of it. One which stay the same no matter what stage of life you are in. The other, completely depends on your life stage. An example of the latter can be your choices when it comes to buying a house. Understandably, your requirements were very simple when you were a single, outgoing person. But after marriage and children, you start looking for different things in a house. Which is why the increase in the number of houses with custom decks in Scarborough don’t come as a surprise. Because custom decks have a lot to offer to everyone, irrespective of your personal preferences.

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If you think you have reached a stage where you start considering houses with custom decks in Scarborough, you have come to the right place. Let us take you through the common steps that would be involved in getting custom decks in Scarborough.

The first one is the design style that you prefer for custom decks in Scarborough:

Freestanding custom Deck in luxury backyard with interlocking - wood deck contractor scarborough
  1. Freestanding Decks
  2. Pool and Spa Decks
  3. Two-story Decks
  4. Multilevel Decks
  5. Raised Decks

Based on what you wish to get out of custom decks in Scarborough, and on the space available to build one, you can choose any of the above options. Custom decks in Scarborough can be as simple, or lavish, as you like.

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Normally, freestanding decks are preferred by people who have a bigger area to build one. While pool and spa decks are often found in houses where the idea of a custom deck is a place where they can relax and unwind.

And after you have decided the design, comes the part where you choose the building material for custom decks in Scarborough. Here too, you have a few options to choose from:

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  1. Pressure-treated Lumber
  2. Redwood or Cedar
  3. Tropical Hardwoods
  4. Composites

As is often the case with choices, the ones mentioned about also come with certain advantages and disadvantages. While custom decks in Scarborough built using pressure-treated lumber are very popular, they also tend to crack sooner as compared to the others.

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Similarly, redwood and cedar require more maintenance when compared to composite. Your choice of material for custom decks in Scarborough will depend on the look you want, along with other aspects such as longevity of the building materials.

But before you make these decisions, let’s talk about the benefits of getting a custom deck. Firstly, let’s get to the big one.

Scarborough custom home with backyard interlocking and custom wooden deck - living construction local deck builders Scarborough

Houses with custom decks in Scarborough often see better appreciation in their value as against the houses with no custom decks. Adding to that is the fact that custom decks are the perfect way to add more features to your houses that previously weren’t required by you. Instead of buying a new house, you can simply get yourself a custom deck. It is not only a more convenient option, but also a more cost-effective one.

Scarborough custom home with backyard deck - deck and landscape design

And talking about benefits, what could be better than getting custom decks in Scarborough? The district itself comes with a rich history, and your custom decks will only add more personality to it. The population too is as diverse as the preferences of people regarding their houses. So it only makes sense to make your house stand out from other by opting for custom decks in Scarborough.

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We understand that building your home, or even just a part of it, is a big decision. A decision that you may come to like or regret for years to come. Which is why we suggest you let us, Living Construction, take care of custom decks in Scarborough. We know what you look for in a company when letting one do your house. Which is why we are proud to tell you that we have to offer one of the most courteous staff that you will ever work with.

And with that courteous behaviour comes the guarantee of punctuality with respect to completing the entire project on time. No one wants to wait to see their dreams come true, and we promise you won’t do much waiting either.

So pick up that phone, or switch on that laptop, and reach us today at 416-824-4426 or 647-885-4112. Read more about custom decks in Scarborough at https://livingconstruction.ca/.