Why You Should Hire a Deck Builder in Unionville Before Expanding Your Home

Why You Should Hire a Deck Builder in Unionville Before Expanding Your Home

If you could build another room in your home what would it be? Storage room? Game room? Many people would choose a sunroom. Unfortunately expanding your home can be a very expensive endeavor. What if you could build a sunroom for way less than expanding the home? You’d be excited right? Well you can do this by building a deck. Building a deck beats a sunroom in many ways. It’s cheaper, takes less time and allows more light in than any sunroom possibly could. Sure, you won’t be able to curl up in it during winter with a book, but you will be able to use it for spring, summer and fall with the right planning. A deck builder in Unionville will be more than happy to help you design your deck so that you can use it in the shoulder months. Read on to learn about the types of decks you can build for this summer.

Choices Custom Deck Builders in Unionville Offer

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Deck builders in Unionville are adept at many deck styles. If you are not a savvy interior decorator, or even if you are, figuring out what deck design and style you want to build will seem like a big task. To narrow it down for you here is a list of the top 5 deck styles used today:

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Mountain
  • Colonial
  • Coastal
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Contemporary decks, also known as modern decks, are all smooth lines and sleek designs. Contemporary decks use low maintenance material like PVC or composite so they are a great option if you don’t want to worry about upkeep very much. Traditional decks look like they belong on a cottage. Cottage decks use warm woods and have accents like plantar boxes and bird feeders for extra charm. Mountain style decks use heavy woods and look rustic with log railings.

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They are also typically a lot bulkier than other styles and are more durable. Colonial decks are the classic, unobtrusive deck that has modern charm but old school architectural undertones. Colonial decks usually have bright colours on the railings and deep woods on the floor to create a modern take on classical architecture. The coastal deck style is perfect for places where you have a view, typically of the sea. So maybe not the best style of deck for a house in Unionville.

Budget Benefits of a Deck Builder in Unionville

A custom deck builder in Unionville is the most affordable choice to build a deck on your home. Don’t think so? Just take a look at all the different things you will have to account for if you want to build a deck yourself: foundation, leveling, angled railing brackets, post caps, fasteners, anchors, circular saw, gapping tool and balusters just to name a few. This means whatever your initially estimate is probably going to be torpedoed in about 5 minutes of actually trying to build the deck. Hiring a professional deck builder in Unionville means you don’t have to worry about all that stuff and the estimate will be way closer to the actual final price of the deck due to their experience.

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Despite being classified as a small village, Unionville is only thirty-three kilometers away from downtown Toronto. Unionville is located just east of south Richmond Hill but its borders are not well defined. It has a historic downtown center and a number of nineteenth century homes that pulls in lots of tourism from the Greater Toronto area. Every year it has a Unionville festival that attracts visitors from all over the Greater Toronto area.

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Living Construction

Residents have no problem finding professional deck builders in Unionville due to their proximity to Toronto. Living Construction is a home and commercial design and renovation company that operates all throughout the Greater Toronto Region.

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Living construction specialists are all highly qualified, certified and insured professionals who are dedicated to delivering results in a timely manner and within budget. Living Construction offers 2-year guarantees, free consultation, custom deck designs and estimate accuracy so the final invoice never surprises you.

Call Living Construction now to get a free consultation on your new backyard deck.