Flipping Houses? Get more for your money by hiring a deck builder in Thornhill

Flipping Houses? Get more for your money by hiring a deck builder in Thornhill

You are in the business of making money. Specifically you like to make money by selling houses. If you are a house flipper, or even just someone wanting to sell their home, you know that increasing the curb appeal of the house is critical in making profit on the flip. You also know, if you’ve done some research, that building a deck is a great way to increase the value of the property you are going to sell. There is a caveat to this though and it is that the deck that is built must be a good quality deck. If you aren’t a seasoned deck builder then it is best to hire a deck builder in Thornhill. Doing so will free up time you can spend increasing the home value in other ways while still increasing the resale value with a deck.

Custom Decks Using a Deck Builder in Thornhill

  • Platform
  • Raised
  • Two-story
  • Multilevel

Platform decks are the simplest kind of deck you can choose. These are the decks that attach to single level homes and often don’t have rails. Even though their base is simple platform decks can have many accessories like built-in plantar boxes and benches, which can add to the curb appeal.

Raised decks are just like platform decks but they are higher off the ground. Because of this they usually have railings at the very least for safety. A platform deck will be cheaper as there is less material to buy and less to build but a raised platform can appear more impressive.

Two-story decks connect two-levels of the home. If you aren’t trying to flip a two-level house you can skip this one. Two-story decks are more impressive that platform or raised decks but cost more due to their complexity and materials. Multilevel decks are unlike two-story decks in that they don’t necessarily have to connect different floors of the house. Thus they can be a stylish option if you want to instill a high-class vibe on the house. With this one you must be careful about pricing yourself out of the neighbourhood market.

The Plus-Side of Custom Decks

A custom deck builder in Thornhill will be able to advise you about the approximate costs of building a deck and which ones they have seen add the most value to a house. If you’ve been in the house flipping business for any length of time you know the value of accurate estimates and payoff. This knowledge is the biggest reason to seek out a deck builder in Thornhill.

Deck builders in Thornhill will also be able to tell you if they’ve built decks in the area before so you can estimate how your competition stacks up this way. Also, if you want to build a good quality deck or one of the more complicated styles hiring a deck builder in Thornhill will save you a lot of time, money and mishap.


Just north of Toronto is Thornhill. It is sandwiched right below Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. Because of its location it has a culturally diverse population of over 110 thousand. Thornhill has picturesque green space lining most streets and an old village that attracts residents and visitors alike. The neighbourhood has a mix of indoor and outdoor community spaces making it a popular place for families.

Living Construction

Hiring a deck builder in Thornhill is an easy task due to it’s location in the Greater Toronto area. Living Construction is a home and commercial renovation company that offers custom deck building in Thornhill and Greater Toronto. They offer free consultations and honor their deadlines and budget.

Hiring Living Construction as your deck builder in Thornhill is as easy as calling for one of their free consultations.