How a Deck Builder in Schomberg Will Make Your Summer Easier

How a Deck Builder in Schomberg Will Make Your Summer Easier

It’s not summer yet but you probably wish it were. If not for the outdoor activities, just so you didn’t have to scrap ice off your windshield every morning. But when summer comes do you find yourself bombarded by people when you try to go out? Of course, everyone loves summer, but if you aren’t a people person being stuck in all the crowds just to enjoy nature can seem pretty counterproductive. That’s why having a deck is so useful, you can enjoy the outdoors without fighting traffic, finding parking and that’s all before even try to find a spot on the beach. If you want to have a deck ready for the summer the fastest way to do so is to hire a deck builder in Schomberg. Hiring a deck builder in Schomberg doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to spend more money than you would doing it yourself. It all depends on the complexity of deck you want. The more complex and custom you want it, the more sense it will make to hire a deck builder in Schomberg.

Choose Your Style Before Hiring a Deck Builder in Schomberg

multilevel deck web - composite deck Schomberg

If you want to make your both high quality and affordable it is a good idea to do some planning before contacting a deck builder in Schomberg. The first order of business is to select the deck style and type. By style we mean the tone of the deck or vibe and by type we mean the physical layout of the deck. Typical deck styles include:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Colonial
  • Mountain
  • Coastal
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Once you choose the deck style you have to decide what design type you want. Here is where a deck builder in Schomberg will be able to help you decide which type can work with your house with minimal modifications and hence less expense. It is still useful to go in with an idea of what you might want so here are a few deck design types:

house backyard with custom deck and stone interlocking - custom decks designs Schomberg
  • Platform
  • Raised
  • Two-Story
  • Multi Level
  • Freestanding

Multi level, freestanding, platform and raised decks will work on houses with only one floor. Two-Story decks though, by definition, connect two floors of a house and thus will not be possible if a home is on one floor.

custom design and construction of backyard deck with high wooden railings Schomberg

This isn’t a big deal, if you still want some levels to your deck you can choose a multi level deck that has various platforms on different levels connected by ramps, stairs and walkways. This is one of the more complex deck types so it would be helpful to have a professional deck builder in Schomberg help with the design.

The Benefits of Hiring a Custom Deck Builder in Schomberg

Hiring a deck builder to build your deck for you is the best use of your money and their time. Really, hiring a professional deck builder in Schomberg allows you to focus on what you really want and leaves all the tough calls to them which, don’t worry, they are used to. A professional deck builder is better at cost estimation than you (sorry!) because they will see problems and modifications that will need to be done before they even start building.

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Schomberg, Ontario

Schomberg is a tiny village of just over two thousand people in the northwestern King township, located in the York region of Ontario. The area surrounding Schomberg has plenty of natural attractions and many day hikes in the area. It has a small-town, friendly and warm community atmosphere so your new deck is sure to draw attention.

backyard interlocking and custom deck building by living construction wood deck contractor Schomberg

Living Construction

Schomberg is just far enough away from Toronto to be an escape from the bustle of the city, but not far enough away that it is impossible to find quality contractors to help you with your deck and fence in Schomberg. Living Construction is a commercial and residential renovation and construction company that offers its services to the residents of Schomberg. It has a great track record in the Greater Toronto Region and offers free consultations, and 2-year guarantee on renovation projects.

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