A Killer Combo: How a deck builder in Richmond Hill is Better than a Pool Boy

A Killer Combo: How a deck builder in Richmond Hill is Better than a Pool Boy

It’s summertime and you can finally start using your pool again, rejoice! But do you find yourself at a loss for where to hang out when your fingers get too wrinkly? Sure you could build a pool deck, but building an actual deck gives you so many more options! A deck builder in Richmond Hill will help you see how your pool and backyard is better accentuated by a multipurpose deck than a plain pool deck. A multipurpose deck will offer you more customization options than a pool deck will and you can still use it when you can’t use your pool. In other words, you can use your deck in fall and spring too.

Options Deck Builders in Richmond Hill Offer

Hiring a custom deck builder in Richmond Hill opens up a whole world of possibilities. Deck builders in Richmond Hill will be well versed in a range of styling options like:

  • Colonial
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Coastal

Colonial decks are ones with white molded rails, decorative post caps and have a smattering of other eye-catching accessories like planter boxes and benches. Contemporary decks on the other hand are light coloured and have not much clutter. This makes them a typical pool deck style option. Traditional decks, also known as cottage decks, look like they would fit on a cottage in the woods.

This makes them hard to blend in with a backyard with a pool, but not impossible. Finally, perhaps the best choice for a pool deck is a variation on a coastal design. Coastal decks offer open views, hence why they are so often used on homes with ocean views. They tend to use glass panels so that your view is unobstructed. They are a great option for a pool because their styling and colour palette usually blend well with a pool.

Custom deck builders in Richmond Hill offer other options such as:

  • Finishes
  • Material
  • Stairs
  • Low Maintenance decking products (like pressure treatment and western Red Cedar)
  • Old deck demolition
  • Foundation building

Advantages of Decks built by Professional Deck Builders in Richmond Hill

Hiring a custom deck builder in Richmond Hill is a great idea no matter what time of year it is. Custom decks, unlike do-it-yourself decks, have many advantages not offered by standard pool decks.

They offer more material choice so you can choose a material that requires less maintenance, surface area design so you can build the exact space you want and not be suck with leftover material and deck builders in Richmond Hill can pull off unparalleled personalized modifications. Building a regular deck instead of a pool deck gives you another room in your house that you can use separate to your pool.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill, a town in York located in the Greater Toronto, is a multicultural living oasis with 166 parks and 544 acres of undeveloped natural land open to the public for use. Hiring a deck builder in Richmond Hill is a very easy affair due to it’s local in the Greater Toronto region.

Richmond Hill was one of Canada’s fastest growing cities in the 1990’s and keeps growing to this day. Hence, deck builders in Richmond Hill have a lot of experience in deck building. Despite having a 2011 population growth more than double than that rest of Canada, it has been able to remain stable and welcoming to everyone who has chosen to make it their home.

Living Construction

Deck builders in Richmond Hill are in abundance. Given the consistent rise in population, construction companies have lots of experience so you can feel safe with whomever you decide to go with.

Living Construction is a renovation company that has residential and commercial services to exceed all your deck building needs. Custom deck builders in Richmond Hill, through Living Construction, offer 2 year guarantees, fast turnaround deadlines so you never get caught wondering when you can use your pool next and estimate accuracy so you aren’t surprised by the final invoice.

Call Living Construction now and set up a free consultation. You’ll be happy you did at your next pool party.