Custom decks in Woodbridge to die for

Custom decks in Woodbridge to die for

Get more from a house with custom decks in Woodbridge

Many people live in one house. And not all of those people have the same personality. While some may like the peace and calm, others might prefer a day or two of partying every once in a while. Which is why custom decks in Woodbridge provide a solution unlike any other. Say the indoors of your house are all bright and clean to match the personality of the people living in it. With custom decks, you can still have a louder looking, grungy place right next to this living place. Basically, thanks to custom decks, you no longer have to choose between a two opposing types of houses. Now, your indoors can look like the perfect place filled with calm and peace, while the custom deck can act as the perfect spot for some nice parties.

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So whether you are looking to build some quite custom decks in Woodbridge. Or one that would be louder and more happening, there are a few decisions you will have to make before you can enjoy your custom decks. The first of those decisions includes the design of the place. Depending on what you plan on using it for, you have the following things to choose from:

custom deck with pergola and build in sitting bench
  1. Multilevel decking
  2. Two-storeyed decking
  3. Freestanding decking
  4. Spa and pool decking
  5. Raised decking

Other than your needs, the choice will also depend on the amount of space you have available for custom decks in Woodbridge.

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While a multilevel custom deck often requires the most space, freestanding and raised decks need lesser space, but also offer lesser options in terms of what you can actually make out of it.

Another decision, which will be completely based on your personal preference of custom decks in Woodbridge is the building material. The options you have are:

luxury cedar deck with wooden railings and custom sitting bench - custom decks by living construction
  1. Cedar
  2. Pine
  3. Redwood
  4. Composite

While the wood options are more popular in people who enjoy the finer things in life, the composite decks are found in homes where the needs are more functional. This is because composite decking is by far the easiest to maintain amongst all the decking options mentioned above.

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The wood options, on the other hand, need a new layer of coating once every two years to ensure that the wood looks as good as it was when it was new. So, if you are worried about cleaning and maintaining the custom decking too often, simply opt for the composite decks. By giving up on the authentic look of wood, you will get a structure that you need to only enjoy without worrying too much about its wear and tear.

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There are many benefits that come with custom decks in Woodbridge. The main one, as already discusses above, is the freedom to create something completely new and possible opposite to what the rest of your house looks like. But something equally important, but often ignored, is the impact it has on the value of your property. Not many people know that adding custom decks in Woodbridge increases the value of their house in the market.

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So the custom deck may or may not match the personality of the rest of your house, but the new value of your house will definitely match the direction in which you want the value of your house to be going.

While most of the reasons of opting for custom decks in Woodbridge are personal, there can be one which isn’t. Thanks to the location itself, getting a custom deck might probably be the best idea for you. We all know that Woodbridge is located in hilly terrain.

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And nothing can be better to enjoy the surroundings of your house than the comfort of your custom deck. You may need to delay your plans up until the end of the winter season, but summer and spring will spring upon you enough number of sunny days for you to ever regret your decision of getting a custom deck built for your house.

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Now that we don’t see a reason why anyone would not opt for custom decks in Woodbridge, let us introduce ourselves to you. We are Living Construction, one of the most trusted companies that people choose when getting a custom deck built for themselves. The trust is built thanks to the courteous and punctual nature of our service, and also the fact that our final bill often matches the estimate that was agreed upon before the commencement of the project.

If you are planning to enjoy the hilly terrains through custom decks in Woodbridge, don’t forget to first give us a call at 416-824-4426 or 647-885-4112.