Custom decks in Richmond Hill – turn your house into a home

Custom decks in Richmond Hill – turn your house into a home

The most reliable custom decks in Richmond Hill

Four walls no longer constitute a house. Gone are the days when houses were meant to be enclosed structures that kept you away from the outside world. Because when the outside is so beautiful, why not pull out a chair and soak it all in? Custom decks offer the opportunity of doing exactly that, but without ever having to leave the comfort of your house. No wonder the possibility of building one for the house has fast become one of the most important aspects buyers look for while searching new properties. After all, home is where the heart is. And custom decks in Richmond Hill are the best way for your heart to enjoy itself once in a while.

custom second floor deck with wooden railings and patio furniture - custom deck builder richmond hill

For those planning on building some amazing custom decks in Richmond Hill, there are some decisions to be made. Decisions like choosing the deck design from the following options:

  1. Freestanding Decks
  2. Platform Decks
  3. Two-story Decks
  4. Multilevel Decks
  5. Raised Decks
Multilevel Deck with stairs to second floor -living construction deck construction company in Richmond hill

Of course, the design style for custom decks in Richmond Hill depend on what the house owner wants, and what the space permits. But it also depends on other aspects like the neighbourhood, the view in front and budget constraints.

And to make one of the most unique custom decks in Richmond Hill, you also have the option of choosing different materials. While they all come with their own pros and cons, below are the options you can choose from:

custom backyard deck with build in bench and pergola with build in tub - pergolas on decks richmond hill
  • Cedar
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Composite

While the wood options give a very rich, tasteful look to the deck, the owner also needs to invest sufficient time and money in their maintenance.

backyard amazing interlocking and custom wooden deck by living construction Richmond hill

A new coating once every two years is essential to ensure that the shiny wood always stays in mint condition. On the other hand, composite is not going to beat the wood in the looks department. But when it comes to maintenance, it will soon become your best friend.

A combination of the design style and the material used is bound to create one of the most beautiful-looking custom decks in Richmond Hill.

luxury home with custom deck by living constriction richmond hill

And the best part is still to come. Getting a custom decks in Richmond Hill is one prime example of a win-win situation. Because not only do you get a personalized space in the house for relaxation, parties and sun-bathing, but also get to increase the value of your house. So, it’s not just spending valuable time with the loved ones, but also getting better value for the house in the market. A custom deck also allows you to keep all the social gatherings to the outdoors, making sure that the indoors are always in clean, great condition.

backyard custom deck design and amazing landscaping - custom deck company Richmond hill

Getting a custom deck is a great option, irrespective of where your house is located. But getting custom decks in Richmond Hill makes so much more sense because of the town itself. Its elevation when compared to the surrounding areas makes it one of the most suitable places to build homes with custom decks. Because when the view is nicer, everything else feels nicer too. And although the weather Gods may not allow a 12-month period of enjoyment on your custom decks, the sun will shine enough to get your money’s worth and more.

custom deck design with patio furniture - deck design services Richmond hill

So if you are sold on the idea of having custom decks in Richmond Hill, there’s just one last thing left to be done. Find a company that will give you a good quality, hassle-free service. And that’s where Living Construction comes in. The construction experts, Living Construction prides itself on being one of the most courteous and punctual service providers. We not only try our best to stick to our cost estimates, but also come with a 2-year warranty on the workmanship.

And you don’t need to worry when our people from Living Construction are working. Because we take great care in protecting your property. And in the unlikely event of a damage, we are also covered by insurance, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

So if you are looking for some options in custom decks in Richmond Hill, give Living Construction a call on 416-824-4426 or 647-885-4112, or visit for more information.