How to Get Custom Decks and Fences in Richmond Hill And Revitalize Your Backyard

How to Get Custom Decks and Fences in Richmond Hill And Revitalize Your Backyard

It’s summertime, finally, you’re hot and it’s only morning. You can’t imagine spending the day inside, but you have nowhere to go. You gaze wistfully outside at your back porch, wishing it had been built just a bit larger so you could stretch out on it. In case you haven’t thought of it, you are not stuck with the deck the way it comes with the house. You can get custom decks and fences in Richmond Hill very easily. Custom decks offer an entire new living space that you can use and fences give you privacy. And not just in the summertime. With the right design your deck could be used in spring and fall as well. Read on to learn how a custom deck can revitalize your outdoor living space.

Options Available on Custom Decks and Fences in Richmond Hill

Getting a custom deck means you can make your backyard your world. There are many options you can choose from, and styles too. A few popular styles you might want to consider for your custom deck in Richmond Hill are: colonial, contemporary, traditional and coastal. Colonial decks are ones with white molded rails, decorative post caps and have a smattering of other eye-catching accessories like planter boxes and benches. Contemporary decks on the other hand are minimalist.

They have sleek lines and not much clutter. Traditional decks, also known as cottage decks, look like they would fit on a cottage in the woods. They have more rounded shapes but still with distinct corners. Finally, coastal design decks offer open views, hence why they are so often used on beachside homes. They tend to use glass panels so that your view is unobstructed. They are a great option if you have a great view you want to utilize.

Custom decks and fences in Richmond Hill can be made with a wide range of other custom options like:

  • Finishes
  • Material
  • Stairs
  • Low Maintenance decking products (like pressure treatment and western Red Cedar)
  • Old deck demolition
  • Foundation building

Advantages of Custom Decks and Fences

Getting a custom deck or fence in Richmond Hill is a great idea no matter what time of year it is. Custom decks, unlike simple box decks you might be able to build yourself, have many advantages. They offer longer lasting material, like wood-plastic or capped composite, than the cheaper cutout decks you might be looking at.

If you have children you can get safety feature built in like skirts so that your kids can’t crawl under the deck. Or any pets you have for that matter. Decks offer another room you can use in your home for much of the year. And, custom decks offer unparalleled personalization so that you can make the most of your space.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill, a town in the York area of Greater Toronto, is a multicultural living oasis with 166 parks and 544 acres of undeveloped natural land open to the public for use. Getting a custom deck and fence in Richmond Hill is a great idea. Richmond Hill was one of Canada’s fastest growing cities in the 1990’s and keeps growing to this day.

A 2011 census saw its population had grown more than double the national average. Still though, it has been able to remain stable and welcoming to everyone who has chosen to make it their home.

Living Construction

Richmond Hill offers all the amenities of big cities and has no shortage of great companies with proven track records. Given the consistent rise in population, construction and home design companies have lots of experience so you can feel safe with whomever you decide to go with. Living Construction is a renovation company that has renovation services to exceed all your needs.

Custom decks and fences in Richmond Hill by Living Construction offer long guarantees, time honored deadlines so you never get caught wondering when your project will be finished and estimate accuracy, so you are never caught by surprise with the final bill.

Get in touch with Living Construction now. Your custom deck and fence in Richmond Hill could be ready for summer BBQ’s and sun tanning if you act now, so why wait? You know you’ll want it when summer comes.