Dependable custom decks in Bolton

Dependable custom decks in Bolton

The best choice for custom decks in Bolton

Imagine the house that you live in had one extra room. What you turn that extra room into? Would you make a playroom out of it for your kids? How about a wine cellar to store your prized possessions? Or how about turning it into a gaming room that you’ve been dreaming about for ages? Making a library out of it doesn’t sound like a bad idea either. If you already have in mind the plan for that one extra room in the house, now is the time to materialize it. Having custom decks in Bolton is a great way of ensuring that you get to add that one more thing to your house. Because whatever it is that you want more, custom decks in Bolton give you the option to build it the way you like it. Thanks to the different shapes and sizes that they come in, you can turn one into what you think would be the best addition to your existing house.

amazing custom deck in the backyard by living construction - decking company

But before we start dreaming about what you will do in it, let’s figure what you will do to it. This basically encompasses making two vital decisions. The first one is where you choose on the following design styles for your deck.

  1. Freestanding custom decks
  2. Two-storeyed custom decks
  3. Multi-level custom decks
  4. Platform-based custom decks
  5. Spa and pool custom decks
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As the names suggest, the different designs are each best suited for a certain purpose. The spa and pool custom decks in Bolton are perfect if you are looking for a place to hold the perfect parties, or to simply bask in the sun during the summer. Whereas the freestanding style is perfect for things such as reading rooms and areas meant for relaxation.

backyard custom deck with wooden railings and stairs - deck contractors Bradford

Have you decided the design style that you will opt for? Then let us move on to the next step: deciding which building material to use to build the perfect custom decks in Bolton. Your options include:

  1. Composite
  2. Redwood
  3. Cedar
  4. Pine
  5. Pressure-treated Lumber
luxury backyard cedar deck - decking company

Here is the thing. They all will not only look different, but act differently too. Composite custom decks in Bolton are growing in popularity as they are the easiest to maintain. The real wood options fall back a little in that aspect, but nothing can beat the look and feel of the authentic wood finish. Pressure-treated lumber decks kind of bring the best of both the worlds.

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Which is why is doesn’t come as a surprise that pressure-treated lumber decks are the most popular option going around.

That’s the difficult part of making the choices. Now comes the good part where we discuss the benefits. Of course the most obvious one is that you now have that extra space to turn it into something that you always wanted.

luxury backyard cedar deck - decking company

But another benefit that many people are not aware of is the fact that custom decks in Bolton increases the value of your property too. So you not only end up with some extra space, but you also end up with some extra money that your property is now worth. And because the decks are in the outdoors, they don’t really have to match the interiors of your house. This gives you the opportunity to do something really different with the custom decks in Bolton, as compared to the rest of your house.

multi level custom deck with luxury interlocking by living construction GTA

If you are still looking for reasons to get custom decks in Bolton, here’s another one. Thanks to the proximity of conservation lands in Bolton, the community automatically becomes a great choice for custom decks. Because the custom decks in Bolton can provide you with the perfect place where you can enjoy the calmness and serenity of the surrounding areas.

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Of course you cannot enjoy the nature around the year thanks to the climatic conditions, but we still get enough sunshine for you to go ahead and invest in such custom decks in Bolton.

If you have that extra little space for custom decks in Bolton, give us a call today at 416-824-4426 or 647-885-4112, and we will build it into the perfect place that you’ve been dreaming of.