Rediscover Your Backyard With a Custom Deck and Fence in Woodbridge

Rediscover Your Backyard With a Custom Deck and Fence in Woodbridge

If you spend a lot of time indoors during winter, like most people, it is easy to forget about your backyard. When summer comes you may be so excited you can go to the beach again you go out to it as much as possible. But, if you have a backyard and you are doing this you are neglecting a great, and cheap, way to get outdoors without fighting traffic! A deck and fence in Woodbridge gives you the best and easiest way to enjoy the outdoors, all you have to do is step outside. No waiting in traffic, fighting for beach space and no loud teenagers cranking their music, pretty great right? Find out how you can make the most of your backyard and keep your space, yours next summer with a custom deck and fence in Woodbridge.

Materials of Custom Decks and Fences in Woodbridge

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You can buy pre assembled fences, but if you want fencing that contours your backyard perfectly you will want to get racking done. This kind of fence construction takes more time but it leaves fewer gaps. Decks and Fences in Woodbridge can be made in many varieties. After you have decided on a deck, your fencing material options will typically be:

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  • Wood
  • Decorative Metal
  • Chain-Link
  • Vinyl

Wood fencing is the most traditional looking kind of fencing you can buy. They can be cut and molded to be used in various fence designs with means they are very versatile. They do however need regular upkeep so if low maintenance is what you are after, look elsewhere.

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Decorative metal fencing is just that, decorative. That’s not to say they can’t serve a purpose, but its purpose is mainly to highlight your yard. It has a formal appearance and as a bonus, doesn’t require as much maintenance as wood fencing. Chain-link fencing is not the nicest looking type of fencing, and you are very limited in the design. It’s useful for keeping pets and children in, or out and can be found in various heights.

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Vinyl fencing is low maintenance and is often made to look identical to wood. This kind of fencing is really the best of both worlds and is a great solution for those wanting something that looks like wood without the upkeep.

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Coordination between decks and fences is important and it is usually recommended that you start with the deck first, since that is what you will be using most. But, if you are concerned about privacy or security you might want to decide on your fence first. Your decking options will still be plentiful if you choose your fence first.

The Positives of Custom Decks and Fences

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A custom deck and fence in Woodbridge gives you an outdoor space to enjoy that is all yours. With the right fence you can also enjoy privacy from the neighbours and create your own little oasis. Another benefit is a custom deck is like adding another room to your house. It creates more usable space that is available to you in spring, summer and fall. Also, if you ever sell your home, your new custom deck and fence in Woodbridge will secure you a higher price. So getting one is a great investment even if you don’t plan on staying.

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Woodbridge is a warm community in Vaughan, which is located in the larger Greater Toronto region in southern Ontario. Its population is estimated to be hovering at around one hundred thousand since the late 2000’s. Woodbridge is flanked by the communities Brampton to the west and Concord to the east. It has a smattering of nature preserves and has several parks.

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Living Construction

Residents have many companies vying for renovation of their deck and fence in Woodbridge. Living Construction is a commercial and residential construction and renovation company that operates in Woodbridge and the Greater Toronto region. It has an excellent track record with keeping to the deadlines they set out and to your budget. Exterior renovations, like getting a custom deck and fence in Woodbridge, are specialties of Living Construction.

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