Why a Custom Deck and Fence in Unionville is the Best Home Expansion You Can Choose

Why a Custom Deck and Fence in Unionville is the Best Home Expansion You Can Choose

Choices of Custom Decks and Fences in Unionville

Custom decks and fences in Unionville are available to you in a wide variety of styles. There is no way you will not find the perfect style for you but it can be hard to pin down exactly the tone you are looking for. Here are the top five most widely used styles of decks:

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Mountain
  • Colonial
  • Coastal

Contemporary decks, also known as modern decks, are all smooth lines and sleek designs. If they have railings they frequently are made of glass panels and the deck material is usually a low maintenance material like PVC or composite. You can tell a traditional deck by its ability to conjure up images of a cottage. These decks use warm woods as material and have embellishments like trims and post caps for extra charm.

Mountain style decks use heavy woods and look rustic with log railings. They are also typically a lot bulkier than other deck styles and look more durable. Though whether they actually are more durable depends a lot on the material. Colonial decks are the classic, unobtrusive deck that bleeds modern charm. Colonial decks use bright colour accents and deep woods to create a modern take on classical architecture. Finally, the coastal deck style is perfect for places where you have a view, typically of the sea.

Coastal decks use light colours that blend in well with their ocean view and so might not be the best choice for a deck in Unionville.

You will have to coordinate the deck and fence style before starting renovation. It is recommended you choose a deck style first as it is easier to pair fencing with decks and the deck is by far the more demanding part of the project.

The deck will also have logistical constraints that might make it hard for you to work the other way around. Big stuff first, then accessories.

The Benefits of Custom Decks and Fences

A custom deck and fence in Unionville is the best way to optimize and create more living space in your home. While you may not want to be out on the deck in winter, for the better part of the year you will be able to use your new deck. If you should ever decide to move you can be assured that your deck and fence in Unionville will add plenty of value to your home.


Despite being classified as a small village, Unionville is only thirty-three kilometers away from downtown Toronto. Unionville is located just east of south Richmond Hill but its borders are not well defined. It has a historic downtown center and a number of nineteenth century homes that attract lots of tourism from the Greater Toronto area.

Living Construction

Living Construction is a renovation company that operates all throughout the Greater Toronto Region including Unionville. Getting a new quality custom deck and fence in Unionville is possible through Living Construction and it is very easy to get a hold of them. Living construction specialists are all highly qualified, certified and insured professionals who are dedicated to delivering results in a timely manner and within budget.

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