Bored of Your Cookie-Cutter House? Get a Unique Custom Deck and Fence in Thornhill With These Tips

Bored of Your Cookie-Cutter House? Get a Unique Custom Deck and Fence in Thornhill With These Tips

Have you noticed a pattern? Take a look down any suburban street nowadays and you will see it. Everything looks almost disturbingly the same. And, while the interiors may be unique, things tend to stay pretty uniform on the exterior. Sure the colour might be different but under that? Not so much. One way you can truly make your home stand out from the rest is getting a custom deck and fence in Thornhill. This is the renovation you should seriously consider if you want to add value to your home and, if you get a deck, more living space. By the end of this article you will be able to confidently reach out to start building your own custom deck and fence in Thornhill today.

Making Your Custom Deck and Fence in Thornhill Unique

Getting a new deck or fence in Thornhill will make your home standout from the rest. Getting them both will transform it. Choosing a new design for your Custom deck and fence in Thornhill can be difficult with so many options available. Here are a few of the most popular designs you may want to consider:

  • Platform
  • Raised
  • Two-story
  • Multilevel
  • Freestanding

Platform decks are characteristically low to the ground. These are the decks that attach to single level homes and often don’t have rails. Even though their base is simple platform decks can have many accessories like built-in plantar boxes and benches.

Raised decks are just like platform decks in that they are attached to the first level of a house but they are higher off the ground. Because of this they usually have railings at the very least for safety.

Two-story decks are stacked decks connecting two-leveled houses. Thus, you can’t have a two-story deck on a single level house. Two-story decks are often built onto expensive homes and cost more due to their complexity and materials.

Multilevel decks don’t necessarily have to be connected to different floors of the house. This deck design connects parts of the deck on different levels through walkways and stairs. You do not need to have more than one floor to use this design because the space between levels is variable.

The Plus-Side of Custom Decks and Fences

Getting a custom deck and fence in Thornhill makes your house truly unique. But that’s not the only positive side to them. Because you have true control over the design getting a custom deck and fence in Thornhill, you can get a beautiful looking deck and fence that is highly useful. The new deck, especially if it is a two-level or multilevel will add tons of living space you can use in all but one season: winter. If you decide to pair your new custom deck with a fence you will also gain privacy and more security. Coordinating the two takes careful planning but can pay off by making you think you have a brand new home.


A sizable neighbourhood just north of Toronto, Thornhill is sandwiched right below Markham, Richmond Hell and Vaughan. It has a very culturally diverse population of over 110 thousand with significant Asian minorities. Thornhill has a lively community and picturesque green space lining most streets. The bustling old village is a highlight to residents and visitors alike and the rest of the neighbourhood presents an attractive mix of indoor and outdoor community spaces.

Living Construction

Many home renovation companies in the Greater Toronto area offer construction of decks and fences in Thornhill. But, you want to make sure you go with someone that has plenty of experience so that they know whether what you want is really unique and can help you find a design that is.

Living Construction is a home and commercial renovation company that offers custom decks and fences in Thornhill and other surrounding areas in Greater Toronto. They offer free consultations with one of their licensed specialists and accurate estimates so that you know what the bottom line will be.

Make your home uniquely yours. Call or email Living Construction now to setup a free consultation and get started.