Why a Custom Deck and Fence in Schomberg is Essential Even if You Don’t Have a Backyard

Why a Custom Deck and Fence in Schomberg is Essential Even if You Don’t Have a Backyard

Contrary to popular belief decks and fences aren’t just for the backyard. Okay so you probably knew this about fences because it’s pretty obvious that they can go around the whole house. But have you ever thought about what the real difference is between a deck and a porch? Apart from minor stylistic differences that main difference is that a porch is usually a term used for the front of the house. A porch is also pretty limited in stylistic options and almost always has railings. Decks on the other hand come in many varieties from pagodas to multilevel terraces and can have railings or not. And who says they have to stay in the backyard? Just call it a porch. No one will know the difference. A deck and fence in Schomberg is a great idea even if you don’t have a big backyard, or a backyard at all! Building a new custom deck and fence in Schomberg is easier than you may think, there are a number of quality home renovation companies, like Living Construction, that are happy to help.

Choose a Style For Your Custom Deck and Fence in Schomberg

Stop thinking you have one style of deck to “choose” for your house. Even if you have a single level home you have at least a few options for your new deck and fence in Schomberg. To help you imagine how your deck could be designed here are a few options that all work for single level homes:

  • Platform
  • Raised
  • Multilevel
  • Freestanding

Platform decks will be good options for homes where the front door is not very high off the ground. These decks can have different levels but usually not more than one. This is the simplest style of deck and because they are built right on the ground it is advised you level the ground first or build a foundation before construction. Raised decks can be put on houses that are higher off the ground and incorporate stairs and railings usually. This might be what you think a standard porch looks like.

For a multilevel deck you will have to have a designer structure it because these decks are complicated. They have multiple levels like their name suggests but these levels don’t have to be very different in height. The levels are connected by walkways and short stairs. Freestanding decks are decks that are not actually attached to your house. These can be anywhere on your property and have overhead coverage in their design most of the time.

These are beautiful centerpieces and talking points but you do need to have some free land to put them on.

The Benefits of Custom Decks and Fences

A custom deck and fence in Schomberg is bound to make your home more inviting to the neighbours even if it’s not out front. You may find yourself asked to be the hosts of BBQ’s so if you don’t like being social you may want to hide your new room away from where it can be seen from the street. And that is what getting a new deck and fence in Schomberg is, getting a new room in your house. There are many things you can use this space for and it is available for most of the year.


Schomberg is a village of just over two thousand people in the northwestern King township and located in the York region of Ontario. The area surrounding Schomberg is rife with natural attractions around it and has many day hikes in the area. It boasts a great, friendly and warm community atmosphere so your new deck and fence in Schomberg is sure to draw attention.

Living Construction

Schomberg is just far enough away from Toronto to be an escape from the bustle of the city but not far enough away that it is impossible to find quality contractors to help you with your deck and fence in Schomberg.

Living Construction is a commercial and residential renovation and construction company that offers its services to the residents of Schomberg. It has a great track record in the Greater Toronto Region and is filled with highly qualified and insured professionals.

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