How You Can Get a Custom Deck and Fence in Scarborough You Can Be Proud Of

How You Can Get a Custom Deck and Fence in Scarborough You Can Be Proud Of

Have you ever compared your house to your neighbours? Chances are you have at least noticed that one house on your street that looks nicer than the rest. Maybe that house is yours. If so, congratulations, but for most people it’s not them. For the rest of us there is a very simple way to bring our house into contention for being the nicest house on the street, on the outside at least. Getting a custom deck and fence in Scarborough that you can be proud of is very easy. There are tons of companies that can custom decks and fences in Scarborough, like Living Construction. Custom fences offer you the opportunity to spruce up the look of your home and add resale value to it. This article will give you the options and advantage to getting a custom deck and fence in Scarborough.

Styles of Custom Decks and Fences in Scarborough

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Getting a custom deck and fence in Scarborough means you can be the envy of your neighbours. There are many fencing materials and styles to choose from. A few styles you might want to consider if you want your house to shine are: wrought iron, wood and bamboo. Wrought iron fencing is a popular fence due to its look. They have a classic style to them so fit with houses that reflect that.

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While wrought iron fences are strong, they need regular maintenance so they are not good if you do not want to frequently repaint them. Wood fences are quite versatile and can be made to varying heights. This offers more privacy than some of the other styles and typically makes a more inviting look. Bamboo fencing is a newer fencing material on the market. As such it is a great option if you want to be truly unique on your block. But be wary bamboo fencing is often not recommended for colder climates.

Custom decks in Scarborough can be made with a wide range of custom options like:

multilevel deck web - composite deck
  • Finishes
  • Material
  • Stairs
  • More surface area
  • Height

Benefits of Custom Decks and Fences

Besides being the newest, nicest house on the block, custom fences and decks have benefits that make them better than store bought do-it-yourself products. The customization options for decks and fences means that you can get a beautiful looking deck and fence in Scarborough that is also highly useful. Getting a new deck is essentially getting yourself a new room that you can use for a big part of the year. Custom fencing can be made with a number of materials, only a sample of which was mentioned in the previous paragraph. Other materials include: vinyl, chain-link, electric and PVC. Each material has its advantages and targeted uses so you should be careful when selecting your material.

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Scarborough is a heavily populated city right next to Toronto. It bordered by Lake Ontario to the south and Steeles Avenue East to the north. Getting a custom deck and fence in Scarborough is ideal for anyone who wants to add value to their home. Scarborough has over six hundred thousand residents, many of which are immigrants.

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It is truly a multicultural hub and the starting point for many newcomers in Canada. Due to its close proximity to Toronto residents enjoy unparalleled access to everything they could desire from recreation activities to restaurants.

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Living Construction

With so much choice, Scarborough residents can have the best in service for everything. Living Construction is a home design company that has a proven track record designing and building decks and fences in Scarborough. Living Construction offers 2-year guarantees on renovations, deadline dependency so you aren’t stuck for months living in a construction zone and accurate pricing estimates.

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Along with deck and fence construction Living Construction is adept at a number of other home and business renovations such as kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling. All team members at Living Construction are professionally licensed and insured in their area of expertise.

Talk to someone at Living Construction now and let them make your house the nicest on the block. You’ll be glad the next time you look at your neighbours’ houses.