How You Can Get a Custom Deck and Fence in Scarborough You Can Be Proud Of.

How You Can Get a Custom Deck and Fence in Scarborough You Can Be Proud Of.

Bored of your view? Don’t even have a view? It’s a common myth that you can’t enjoy your backyard if you don’t have a view with it. In Scarborough though this is very hard to find and in any case, it’s just a myth. There are many ways you can make your backyard as enjoyable as a backyard with an ocean view. To start you have to create a space you can use. You can do this by building a deck. Hiring a deck builder in Scarborough is advised for this task because deck building can incur unexpected costs unless you are a construction expert. Deck builders in Scarborough are also knowledgeable about the typical foundations and ground type in the area and will be able to advise you about the best way and type of deck to build to maximize your backyard.

Deck styles deck builders in Scarborough can build

Making your backyard a nice view in itself is possible by hiring a deck builder in Scarborough who knows about styles. There are many deck materials and styles to choose from. Here are a few styles all deck builders in Scarborough will know:

  • Contemporary
  • Colonial
  • Traditional
  • Mountain
  • Coastal

Contemporary deck fit in well with modern homes because they use sleek and clean lines. They also are good for people who want a lower maintenance deck because materials like PVC and metals are often used.

Colonial decks are beautiful decks that draw upon classical architecture for their styling. That means moulded railings and decorative features like plantar boxes and post caps. If you want a warm deck you can curl up and read a book a traditional deck is what you are after.

Traditional decks have a cottage feel to them and use rounded corners to instill a relaxed at home vibe. Mountain decks wouldn’t look out-of-place on a log cabin in the woods. They are built with deep coloured, heavy woods and rustic railings. Finally, coastal decks have sleek lines and use light colours that blend into their surroundings. They are typically used on seaside cabins and have glass panels to highlight ocean views.

To make your style choice come to life a deck builder in Scarborough will advise on a mix of things including:
  • Finishes
  • Material
  • Stairs
  • Surface area
  • Height

Benefits of Hiring a Custom Deck Builder in Scarborough

Hiring a professional deck builder in Scarborough for your deck is the best idea if you want to make the most of your space and guarantee to yourself that you will actually use it. Do-it-yourself deck options just don’t offer as much customization choices as hiring a deck builder in Scarborough does and having a space that is tailored to you is key to you actually enjoying the space. Getting a new deck is essentially getting yourself a new room that you can use for a big part of the year in summer, fall and spring.


Scarborough is a heavily populated city right next to Toronto. It bordered by Lake Ontario to the south and Steeles Avenue East to the north. Scarborough has over six hundred thousand residents, which means space can be tight. It is truly a multicultural hub and the starting point for many newcomers in Canada, due to its close proximity to Toronto.

Living Construction

Because Scarborough is so close to Toronto residents can choose from any number of design and construction companies. It is important that you go with a company that has a clear, high quality track record. Living Construction is a commercial and residential construction company that has a proven track record building decks in Scarborough.

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