Why a Custom Deck and Fence in Bolton is Essential

Why a Custom Deck and Fence in Bolton is Essential

If you appreciate nature, like many who live past the city limits of Toronto do, you spend a lot of time outdoors. You have a deep appreciation of nature and, maybe, you even moved out to the country for your backyard. Though you find things to do in winter and enjoy it, nothing beats laying back on your deck with a beer in the summer. Decks and fences in Bolton are almost a necessity if you are one of these people. And who wouldn’t be? If you aren’t, getting a custom deck and fence in Bolton will set you well on your way to becoming one. Read on to find out how you too can make the most of your backyard and become a true outdoorsman, if you aren’t one already.

Your Stylized Custom Deck and Fence in Bolton

What you want to do in your backyard will decide what design and how big your deck and fence in Bolton are but the style can be anything you want. Whether you are renovating an existing deck or building a new one, styles of decks and fences in Bolton tend to be one of the following:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Luxury
  • Rustic

The style of the deck and material you choose are closely related. For instance, a luxury style deck would need to use a darker wood or wood finishing whereas a traditional style deck would not.

If you are building a deck and fence in Bolton you will want to coordinate the deck and fence style. A quick search will reveal that there are even more fencing options than deck options. A few popular fence styles are:

  • Shadow Box
  • Dropped Rail
  • Rising Rail
  • Solid
  • Lattice
  • Semi-Privacy

It is important to know that fencing styles and fencing materials are different decisions you will have to make. There may be styles of fences that can’t be built with your chosen material and vice-versa. Custom decks will need similar coordination between style and material. However, coordination between deck style and material rarely presents a problem in for decks.

The Advantages of Custom Decks and Fences

Apart from a custom deck and fence in Bolton opening up your backyard to new summer activities, having a new deck and fence in Bolton offers other less obvious advantages. A big one is the value of your home will go up. Should you ever want to sell your home, you will find your new custom deck and fence will add value. It is also another selling point for your home. Many people will be drawn to a fully finished and fenced backyard, and having a beautiful deck to accompany that will give potential buyers a place for them to envision themselves relaxing in.

Bolton, Ontario

Bolton is a small community situated in the larger town of Caledon and in the even larger region of Peel in Ontario. It is approximately fifty kilometers from Toronto and has about twenty-six thousand residents. It’s downtown has a river going through it, a historic vibe and is the rural center for the area around it. Its valley setting means it has rolling forested hills and plenty of land.

A paradise for nature lovers and the adventurous. The forests around Bolton are mostly conservation lands and have recreation facilities and parks.

Living Construction

Being far away from Toronto, you may think it would be hard to find someone to do a quality custom deck and fence in Bolton. But this is not the case. Living Construction is a design and renovation company that operates in Greater Toronto and beyond. They specialize in exterior spaces, like backyards, interior home renovation and commercial projects.

You can be sure with Living Construction that your custom deck and fence in Bolton is in good hands because all the members are licensed in their area of expertise and insured. Living Construction is dedicated to completing the job on time and within the estimation they first give you. They also offer free consultation for any renovation project you have in mind.

Become an outdoorsman this summer. Call or email Living Construction today.