Discover How You Can Get a Custom Deck and Fence in Aurora

Discover How You Can Get a Custom Deck and Fence in Aurora

You’re out in your backyard, mowing the lawn perhaps, minding your own business when a neighbour strikes up a conversation from his porch. While you don’t mind conversing with him you really want to finish what you were doing. You try to break eye contact but it doesn’t work, you wish you could sink behind and finish your work but you don’t have a fence. You are also a little envious of your neighbour’s porch. You can get custom decks and fences in Aurora very easily. Custom decks offer an entire new living space that you can use and fences give you privacy you need to slip away from nosy neighbours. Read on to learn how you can have more privacy with custom decks and fences in Aurora.

Options of Custom Decks and Fences in Aurora

Getting a custom deck and fence means you can make your backyard your world. There are many options you can choose from, and styles too. A few popular styles you might want to consider for your custom fence in Aurora are: aluminum, wood, wrought iron or PVC. Aluminum fences are very popular because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. They do not provide much security but have many different designs so they fit with many housing styles.

Wood fencing is also popular and while it doesn’t provide security either it gives an air of privacy because it tends to block views and be built higher. Wrought iron fencing is often used on houses where the owners want a standout fence. They are very strong and have an elegant style to them. PVC is unequivocally the cheapest way to put up a fence around your house. This type of fencing isn’t very strong, but it will withstand rain and other weather patterns for a long time before it needs to be replaced.

Custom decks and fences in Aurora can be made with a wide range of other custom options like:

  • Finishes
  • Material
  • Stairs
  • Old deck demolition
  • Foundation building
  • Height

Advantages of Custom Decks and Fences

Getting a custom deck or fence in Aurora is a good way to invest in your home. Custom fences offer advantages that out of the box solutions don’t. They can be designed however high you want to give you extra privacy. If you have children it provides a measure of safety so you don’t have to worry so much about them running out onto the road. Custom fencing can be made with a number of materials, only a sample of which was mentioned in the previous paragraph. Other materials include: vinyl, chain-link, electric and bamboo. All these fencing materials offer certain advantages; for example, certainly if you have children you will not want and electric fence.


Aurora is a municipality in the York region of Greater Toronto and in the golden horseshoe of Ontario. Getting a custom deck and fence in Aurora is a great idea if this beautiful city is where you decided to settle down for a while.

Aurora is known for being an affluent town of a little more than 50 thousand and is ranked in the top 10 richest cities in Canada list. Aurora has plenty of green space, rolling hills and rivers making it a great place to call home. It has over 45 parks, some covering up to 50 acres and many nature reserves.

Living Construction

Aurora offers all the amenities of big cities and has no shortage of great companies with proven track records. With an affluent population that can afford to take care of their homes and expand, construction and home design companies have lots of experience.

Living Construction is a home design company that operates in Aurora and the Greater Toronto region. Custom decks and fences in Aurora by Living Construction offer long guarantees, time honored deadlines so you never get caught wondering when your project will be finished and estimate accuracy, so you are never caught by surprise with the final bill.

Get in touch with Living Construction now. You’ll be glad the next time you have to mow the lawn.