Simple tips for choosing the right hardwood flooring

There must be over a thousand different hardwood flooring options available today. And probably every homeowner has been bombarded with some type of marketing material or sales promotion. Needless to say, every manufacturer, distributor, and installer each have the best product. On one hand, it’s designed to give us selection and choice. But in so many cases, it just convolutes the situation, making it even harder to decide what to buy.

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How to choose decking

Cedar decking

The deep colored, red part of cedar is recommended by many professionals as the preferred wood chosen for decking because it does not readily absorb moisture. They give it 15 to 20 years lifespan, however, it is agreed that decks deteriorate faster when placed at ground levels. In order to retain the lovely color of cedar, one must clean and reseal it every couple of years. Keep in mind, cedar is soft in may show markings if heavy objects are pulled or pushed here and there upon the deck. Cedar decking is only moderately expensive.

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We will redesign your house or commercial space for those with disabilities.

Redesigning a space for those needing special assistance.

Many requirements exist in order to make a space condusive for those with disabilities. These requirements are numerous and we at Living Construction are prepared to redesign a space to fit these requirements. Below is a list of details that need to be considered in order to meet the requirements necessary when living, working, or providing assistance for those with special needs.

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