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    General Contractors

    Over the years, some bad contractors have made the whole profession the butt of jokes. Times have changed, though, and the days of shady contractors has changed. Sure, you will still find a few contractors who will use cheap materials and unskilled workers to make a buck, but, on the whole, they have upped their game. So how do you know if a contractor is one to trust? Here are some tips on what to look for to get the best contractor and protect your investment:

    Go Local: Local companies have their up and down side. Checking for local contractors can bring a few positive points. They have to deal with people in town and their reputation is at stake. Smaller companies get jobs on word of mouth alone and doing a bad job is not an option – it can ruin their business. It is also easy to get reviews from neighbors as most likely one or more has used someone local. Local does not necessarily mean “in town”. Local can mean “in state”. Most contractors will work throughout the neighboring towns and cities but stay in state. Keeping with someone in state makes dealing with any issues that arise, a lot easier.

    Licensed and Insured is non-negotiable: Make sure your general contractor is licensed and insured in your state. They should have a business license number which you can check on to be sure it is valid. Secondly, they have to have insurance. If you have an unlicensed or uninsured contractor, you are asking for trouble. It limits your resources if something goes wrong – he may not have the money to cover the problem or he may just up and disappear. It happens so don’t let it happen to you. Get his license number and insurance holder and verify both.

    Check with the BBB and review sites– Not every company is listed on the Better Business Bureau site, but, those that are have been checked and verified. You can see what, if any, complaints have been made against them, etc.  There are reputable websites that let you check on a contractor. Some may cost, but, if you have a big project, it may be worth the few bucks to be assured of quality.

    Get it in Writing –   Always get an estimate in writing. It can be adjusted later but this gives you a good idea of what it may cost. Compare it with several contractors and see what one may offer over the other that could be better for you. Find out if they will require money up front for the job materials. If so, be sure to get a receipt for the materials (from the place they were purchased). This gives you some record of where your money went and records for you in case your insurance company requires it later (due to damage from fire, weather etc.). You will want proof you made the changes/repairs and receipts can’t be disputed.

    Finding the right contractor is important. Look for a company with a good reputation, quality work, true to their word and treating your job as the most important. This combination is what we have built our company on. For a free consultation please call or email us – Tomer Amir
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    Commercial Renovations

    When you own your own business, keeping your building up and running is of the utmost importance. You may be an incredible businessman and run an excellent, quality business but if your building is out dated or in need of repair, you may be losing out on business. Unfortunately, image is everything and renovating your commercial space can boost business. There are a few things to consider when starting a renovation:

    Windows and Doors: The entrance to your building can say a lot to potential customers. Clean and neat is all it really needs to be. If windows are old and falling into disrepair, replacing them with updated windows will add a clean look and save you money when heating and cooling. The door should be wide enough for wheel chair accessibility but also easily opened. Updating your door to a double door or a new door is a low cost renovation but one that can really stand out.

    Entry and Waiting Room: Whether it be a large waiting area or smaller entry area, it needs to present a look of cleanliness, professionalism and comfort. From repainting to wainscoting, there are tons of options that can make the statement you need to.

    Flooring Options: Depending upon the type of company you are running, you’re flooring should not just make a statement but be appropriate. As a general rule, any facility that deals with liquids should have flooring that is durable and easily cleaned. From medical to car service, the floors are harboring everything from grease to bacteria. Carpeting is not a smart option whereas porcelain tile or even painted concrete floors may be an option. In offices, a durable low ply carpet is an option. They have come a long way and have hundreds of patterns and colors – they no longer look like indoor/outdoor carpet.

    Lighting: You want your business well lit. It shows you have nothing to hide and gives a bright and positive feel. Everything from canned recessed lighting to track or medallion can be used. A well-lit business also means less accidents, more productivity and even better moods. Lighting can make all the difference for customers and employees. Energy saving options are also available that can cut down on your electric costs.

    Walls: Again, it depends on what kind of business you have as to what you might want to do with your walls. A fresh coat of paint may be all you need or moving the walls out could be an option. Tile on the walls or wainscoting or murals. There are many options and routes to take that can be done and will make your business stand out.

    You may need a complete renovation – tearing down the inner walls and restructuring your space. You may not need a large waiting room but decide to add another restroom. Maybe the ceiling needs to be raised or lowered and a whole new wing added on. Whatever your needs may be, there is a company that can make it happen. Let them handle the job with quality, timely work that meets your needs and stays within your budget. For a free consultation please call or email us – Tomer Amir
    416-824-4426 or Tal Amir 647-885-4112

    Accessibility Renovation

    There are many reasons that accessibility renovation need to be done: from aging to handicapped. No matter the reason, the need to leave your home is no longer. Renovations of your existing home can be done to meet whatever needs you may have. There are a lot of things to consider when taking on such a project that you may not have realize would be an issue.

    Stairs – Inside and Out: Stair renovation could be a simple as an addition of a railing or a ramp. Ramps are usually installed on the outside of a home, but in the case of homes with sunken living rooms or a few steps up to a kitchen area, a small custom ramp can be installed. For the outside, ramps can be fitted over existing stairs or a complete new structure can be added. These ramps can be on the front or back entrance to a home, in a garage or combined with a new deck. The options are limitless. Large flights of stairs indoors would mean installing railings for those without or installing a chair lift. Some feel these are unsightly though and may want to choose the option of a personal elevator. There are several different ways to make stairs a non-issue.

    Doors, Doorways and Hallways: Some homes are structured so that they have wide enough doorways to maneuver a wheel chair through. If yours is not, the option of widening the doorways is available and could be as simple as removing excess trim work. Hallways may also be able to be widened, depending upon your homes layout and architecture. If a wheel chair is not necessary, hand rails can be installed along hallways and even on doors if required. When using a walker or cane, the simplest things like retrieving your keys while holding a bag can be tricky. Little changes, such as a built in table by the door can make entering and exiting a lot easier.

    Bathrooms: Most average bathrooms are not accessible with a wheel chair and even if you can get it in there, maneuvering is out of the question. Though this would take a larger renovation, expanding the entrance to accommodate is possible. Checking for what is on either side of the bathroom in adjoining rooms, usually reveals closets or dead space that can be incorporated to open up the bathroom to a size that will work. Walk – in tubs are an option that have become popular in recent years and would require no help getting in and out. Handrails can be installed by the tub, toilet and sink. A raised toilet also makes transferring from chair to toilet easier. The cabinet height may need to be lowered and faucet made longer to accommodate a shorter reach.

    Kitchens: Most kitchens are built with room to move, but, if you are wheelchair dependent, you may need to have your kitchen remodeled to make cupboards and pantries more accessible. There is also the ability to have a ramp built and raise the existing floor up to the bottom cabinet height. Handrails, built in stools and lowered appliances are all options to explore.

    It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but getting the right company to think of things you may not and build a quality and safe renovation is a must. That is where we can help. For a free consultation please call or email us – Tomer Amir 416-824-4426 or Tal Amir 647-885-4112

    Interlocking and Pavement Stones

    Hundreds of years ago, the Dutch came up with a way to pave their roads with square bricks held together with sand. These “Holland Stones” are still there today – a testament to their durability and flexibility. Today, interlocking and pavement stones are on the rise in popularity. Using the same concept as the Dutch, these “pavers “ (a general term used today) can not only bring beauty to your sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc. but are extremely durable. How are these better than concrete?

    Pavers are Environmentally Flexible: No matter what conditions of weather you deal with, the pavers out do concrete every time. Pavers can withstand the freeze-thaw issues that most concrete and asphalt surfaces crack and crumble under.   What about areas where earthquakes send seismic waves that can split a driveway in half? Not a problem for pavers. Due to the way they are laid, with a special sand between the pavers, they are allowed to be flexible and mobile and withstand these type of disturbances.

    Pavers are More Economical: Due to their durability and flexibility, replacing pavers is something that does not happen often. Concrete cracks and shifts due to freezing and thawing and it crumbles under seismic activity. Asphalt has to be constantly repaired due to tiny cracks that appear over time. These allow water to penetrate and this causes the dreaded potholes. It is better than concrete for the thaw and freeze issue but it fails just as badly when it comes to seismic shifts. Replacing the broken concrete sidewalks can be extremely costly and it will just have to be done again in a few years. The same pattern applies to asphalt. Pavers, however, rarely crack or break. You are more likely to stain a paver than break it. If you do, though, you simply have to replace that one paver and not the whole area.

    Good Looking: Let’s face it, you want your home to stand out. Pouring concrete paths, drives and pool decks is what everyone does. With concrete you are limited to concrete stain or paint – which is hard to match if you ever have to patch an area and it has to be repainted every couple of years. Pavers come in a huge variety of colors, sizes and shapes. There is no concern for replacing tiles – they can be individually replaced with a bit of sand replacement. The colors can be picked to compliment your house or blend in seamlessly. With a simple sealant applied once every couple of years, your pavers remain in like-new condition. With pavers you can vary your colors from a driveway of red to a pool patio in grey blue. Color flexibility makes it easy to blend it to whatever area you are paving.

    Pavers have become a popular way to replace concrete and asphalt drives, pool decks and garden patios. They are more economically feasible than concrete, can bear more weight than concrete and are much better looking! Easily maintained and replaced, these are an investment that will last a lifetime. Before you replace your driveway with concrete again, give us a call. For a free consultation please call or email us – Tomer Amir 416-824-4426 or Tal Amir 647-885-4112

    Modern bathroom

    Bathroom Renovation

    The most personal room in your house is your bathroom. It is where you start and end your day – where you cleanse, primp and preen. The bathroom is where you spend some of your most intimate moments and you want, no, you need it to meet your standards. There are several options that need to be considered:


    The easiest flooring is tile. It is clean, resists germs and lasts a long, long time. There are tons of tile options from porcelain to marble. Carpet harbors mold and mildew and is poor option for the bathroom, especially near a toilet. Tiles come in all sizes, shapes and colors and can blend or be a focal point.


    A place to clean? A place to relax? A place for two? It really depends on you. You can go old fashioned with a slipper tub or ball and claw. How about big enough for two? Whirlpool tubs are a wonderful addition to any bathroom with different sizes and shapes there will be one to fit your wants. Need to use some of the tub room for a bigger shower? A corner tub is an option as well as garden tub with a high window for natural light and a glimpse of nature. The colors are as endless as the tub types. It can be a focal point raised up with a step or two or sunken down into the floor.


    Glass block, solid glass, no walls – the choices are amazing. There are built in seats, ceiling mounted rain showers, massaging showers with multiple heads. It depends on your vision and needs. Big enough for two or just used for necessity? It can be tiled to match the floor or a medallion mosaic on the wall. You will want to consider how much work or care goes into all the options – does it need to be sealed or certain cleaners used. These may not seem important now, but, with hard water build up you may want to explore all options before deciding.


    Standard toilets are fine and do the job but making your commode into a “throne” is another option. Do you want it on its own with a separate door? What about going with a color option or sleek low version. There are also taller toilets to accommodate taller persons. If the toilet is going to be in the open, do you want a half wall? All things to consider when renovating.

    Counters and Cabinets:

    This where you can really personalize your space. Everything from glass bowl sinks that seem to hover over the counter to seashell shaped sinks. The cabinets can be fitted with as many drawers or shelves as you want. What about a place to sit – a built in vanity perhaps? Large mirrors or picture frame style? Cabinets made from every kind of wood possible – painted or stained to your liking. Hardware for the sinks can be gold, antiqued copper, copper, silver, and brushed nickel, just to name a few. They too can be found from ultra-modern and sleek to a swan’s neck.

    A lot of the options you have will be based on whether this is an addition where the size is somewhat unlimited to renovation of an existing bathroom. The option to expand may or may not be available. There is plumbing and electrical to think about as well. Getting proper guidance in a bathroom renovation is essential. Quality, trusted and knowledgeable help is available. For a free consultation please call or email us – Tomer Amir 416-824-4426 or Tal Amir 647-885-4112


    Kitchen Renovation

    The fresh, clean, updated look of a kitchen is important for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that you should enjoy being there and that the layout should be convenient and easy for preparing food. The decisions you make concerning your kitchen directly impact your life, therefore think hard and open yourself up to sound advice.




    Your backyard, deck, and patio should feel like a little piece of heaven in spring and summer, perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Let Living Construction offer you their expertise in design and construction by providing you with fences, decks, interlock stone, and landscaping that are sure to inspire.

    Finished basement in house

    Basement Renovation

    A renovated basement allows you to breath easier knowing there is room to move in what may be considered a crowded house. It also seems a waste not to get use out of all the square footage of your home.




    There are many aspects of flooring to take into consideration during renovation. Is it slippery when wet? Hard to clean? Do I want to spend the money needed for this particular space? We hope to provide you with advice concerning these issues and more, and we are prepared to install whatever type of flooring you choose.


    We are best able to admire our home as we are driving up to it. That is why the driveway and walkways of the home are very important. Durability, flexibility, easy repairs, low maintenance, and the beauty of interlocking cause us to feel that this form of pavement is vastly superior to the mortar and concrete used in the past. It is a fabulous investment and will certainly give a great impression to passersby. We hope you will consider interlocking for your next exterior renovation. (more…)