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Kitchen Renovation

The fresh, clean, updated look of a kitchen is important for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that you should enjoy being there and that the layout should be convenient and easy for preparing food. The decisions you make concerning your kitchen directly impact your life, therefore think hard and open yourself up to sound advice.

Countertop – Materials Matter

Popular marble and other natural stones are very beautiful, but require extra maintenance. Regardless of their costliness, these high-grade materials are an investment and will bring returns concerning the value of your home.

Quartz comes highly recommended as it is available in many colors, is very durable, and like marble and other natural stones, is a great investment.

Laminate shouldn’t be overlooked as some very fine, more modern-looking choices are now available. It may not be a long-lasting investment, however it is a cost-effective option.

Kitchen Cabinets – Reface or Replace

There are many fine choices in purchasing a durable cabinet that will be a fine addition to your home. Solid wood, of course, is always a wise investment. However if you find that the dated color or faded dinginess is the only complaint you have concerning solid wood cabinets, use your imagination and choose a fresh coat of paint to renew old cabinets. Warning signs that refacing may not be for you: sagging or warping of the shelves and water damage.

Another way to revamp your older cabinets is to change the hardware. This small change makes a big impact.

Sinks – Taking size into consideration.

In order to achieve a seamless look, we recommend that you choose an under-mount sink. Consider the size of your kitchen and the amount of counter space that you need. You won’t want your sink to eat up your work space.

Nowadays there are more than just stainless steel sinks from which to choose. Many colors are now available, some of which may pop in an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Backsplash – Adds luster to a lack-luster kitchen.

It isn’t as important to choose a more expensive backsplash to add value to your home. However it does add a finished look to your kitchen that may say something about your own personal style.

I personally prefer Porcelain Subway Tiles which are economical, clean, elegant, and timeless. Get creative with designs that may be created with your tiles. Add splashes of color. Color-coordinate with your counter-tops. It is fun to choose what might look best.

Floors – Things to consider.

Cohesive Look – The flooring texture and pattern should complement your cabinets, counter-tops, and backsplash.

Colors Matter – Darker flooring creates a cozy warmth, while lighter colors tend to brighten up the kitchen, creating a clean, uncluttered feel.

Hiding the Dirt – Floors with a pattern or darker grain masks dust and dirt which may reduce the urgency to clean as often.

Easy to Clean – It is important that your flooring is easy to maintain. Flooring that cleans easily and can handle moisture is a practical consideration.

Handles Moisture – Another issue concerning maintenance is whether your choice of flooring can handle moisture.

Hardwood versus Laminate – Hardwood floors may warp or damage when spills or flooding go unattended. However the classic look of this style of flooring and the authenticity of the material make it worth it. A compromise, and a more economical choice, is that of laminate flooring that resembles wood flooring or engineered hard wood. The former may last longer while the later can handle the humidity.

Picking Grout for Porcelain Tiles – Use a grout color that is closely matched with your tiles for a more seamless look.