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We are best able to admire our home as we are driving up to it. That is why the driveway and walkways of the home are very important. Durability, flexibility, easy repairs, low maintenance, and the beauty of interlocking cause us to feel that this form of pavement is vastly superior to the mortar and concrete used in the past. It is a fabulous investment and will certainly give a great impression to passersby. We hope you will consider interlocking for your next exterior renovation.

Interlocking was used over a thousand years ago by the Roman Empire. This method of pavement has been rediscovered and we are excited to discuss this wonderful technique with you. This method uses concrete blocks in conjunction with sharp, angular sand, edge constraints, and careful positioning to create this lovely type of pavement.

We consider interlocking to be the best option for your drive way and here is why.


Interlocking withstands the weight and pressure of an excess of 8000 psi (pounds per square inch). Other paving techniques can only withstand half that amount. This means that an interlocking driveway is less likely to crack or become damaged. Hands down, interlocking wins the durability test over all other types of driveways.


Interlocking can withstand shifts that take place due to temperature changes (as with ice and snow). Interlocking is not bound together in a rigid manner. The technique of using sand and careful positioning allows for movement. Not so with concrete which will crack over time. Interlocking can often last up to 50 years!

Repair work

Interlocking repair work is relatively easy and inexpensive. If damage occurs to part of your interlocking driveway, pavers need only to remove and replace blocks. With concrete or asphalt the entire surface must be ripped up and replaced.


Interlocking requires very little in way of maintenance. Only if your driveway receives a considerable amount of traffic should you feel it needs to be resealed with sand added (maybe once a year). Other than that, a quick sweep now and then is all that may be required.


There are more choices available with interlocking in terms of colour and design than with mortar and concrete. It looks beautiful and is much more interesting. Your neighbors should thank you when you choose interlocking for your driveway as it will improve the look of their neighborhood and will raise property values – yours and theirs. Interlocking driveway – Certainly a good first impression!

Winner! Hands down.

As you can see, deciding to use interlocking for your driveway is a winning choice. Durability, flexibility, easy repairs, low maintenance, and the beauty of it cause us to feel there is no question about whether you should choose interlocking for your driveway.

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