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Bathroom Renovation

The most personal room in your house is your bathroom. It is where you start and end your day – where you cleanse, primp and preen. The bathroom is where you spend some of your most intimate moments and you want, no, you need it to meet your standards. There are several options that need to be considered:


The easiest flooring is tile. It is clean, resists germs and lasts a long, long time. There are tons of tile options from porcelain to marble. Carpet harbors mold and mildew and is poor option for the bathroom, especially near a toilet. Tiles come in all sizes, shapes and colors and can blend or be a focal point.


A place to clean? A place to relax? A place for two? It really depends on you. You can go old fashioned with a slipper tub or ball and claw. How about big enough for two? Whirlpool tubs are a wonderful addition to any bathroom with different sizes and shapes there will be one to fit your wants. Need to use some of the tub room for a bigger shower? A corner tub is an option as well as garden tub with a high window for natural light and a glimpse of nature. The colors are as endless as the tub types. It can be a focal point raised up with a step or two or sunken down into the floor.


Glass block, solid glass, no walls – the choices are amazing. There are built in seats, ceiling mounted rain showers, massaging showers with multiple heads. It depends on your vision and needs. Big enough for two or just used for necessity? It can be tiled to match the floor or a medallion mosaic on the wall. You will want to consider how much work or care goes into all the options – does it need to be sealed or certain cleaners used. These may not seem important now, but, with hard water build up you may want to explore all options before deciding.


Standard toilets are fine and do the job but making your commode into a “throne” is another option. Do you want it on its own with a separate door? What about going with a color option or sleek low version. There are also taller toilets to accommodate taller persons. If the toilet is going to be in the open, do you want a half wall? All things to consider when renovating.

Counters and Cabinets:

This where you can really personalize your space. Everything from glass bowl sinks that seem to hover over the counter to seashell shaped sinks. The cabinets can be fitted with as many drawers or shelves as you want. What about a place to sit – a built in vanity perhaps? Large mirrors or picture frame style? Cabinets made from every kind of wood possible – painted or stained to your liking. Hardware for the sinks can be gold, antiqued copper, copper, silver, and brushed nickel, just to name a few. They too can be found from ultra-modern and sleek to a swan’s neck.

A lot of the options you have will be based on whether this is an addition where the size is somewhat unlimited to renovation of an existing bathroom. The option to expand may or may not be available. There is plumbing and electrical to think about as well. Getting proper guidance in a bathroom renovation is essential. Quality, trusted and knowledgeable help is available. For a free consultation please call or email us – Tomer Amir 416-824-4426 or Tal Amir 647-885-4112